Once Upon a Shoe

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"There once was a woman who lived in a shoe.
She had so many story friends she knew not what to do.
She gave a big party and made them all guests
Then she planted a beanstalk and hoped for the best!"

Come to this party in the mind of storyteller Rose Anne St. Romain's during "Once Upon a Shoe" on (date / time) ____________ at (place)_____________ . Meet a very stubborn pet, a tiger with bad breath, and a really big bad wolf in fun-filled tales from around the world for ages preK to adult. As St. Romain draws listeners into the world of imagination, they create the stories with her by making sound effects, singing along, and tapping out rhythms.

Rose Anne St. Romain, a "master storyteller," according to Kirkus Reviews, recently won a Louisiana Pioneer Storytelling Award for 20 years of performing with her characteristic gusto and grace. Her elegant style of playfulness won a Parent's Guide to Children’s Media Award for her audio CD collection of stories, Once Upon a Shoe.

St. Romain's first book, Moon’s Cloud Blanket, is a Louisiana Native American tale and was recently published by Pelican Publishing Company. Rose Anne tells this story and many others regularly on Jimmy Buffett’s internet radio station (www.radiomargaritaville.com). She performed a live internet broadcast at Margaritaville in Orlando, Florida for listeners all over the world. St. Romain also toured with Buffett after he saw her tell stories at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival where she has performed annually since 1995.

“People need to play, to think about something besides their own lives from time to time,” says St. Romain, a native of Mansura, Louisiana. “When you're listening to stories, you forget about everything else. As our lives become more complex, the ancient arts become more important for helping us to relax and to refocus our priorities. Storytelling is one of these arts!”

St. Romain also knows that research has proven that story listening and reading strengthen children’s ability to learn. She explains, “Children’s brains actually change when they listen to stories. Connections are formed between brain cells during such positive experiences and these connections are like roadways for future learning experiences. Think about trying to build a town in the middle of a jungle. If there are already roads through the jungle, building the town is much easier.”

Rose Anne earned a masters degree in Library and Information Science from Louisiana State University after completing a masters degree in Speech Communication and Creative Drama from Southern Illinois University. She has performed in Indiana, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Florida and Mississippi. Clients have included the International Reading Association, the American Association of University Women, Louisiana State University and hundreds of schools and libraries.

The upcoming “Once Upon a Shoe” storytelling program is sponsored by (funding source) __________. For more information call (phone number) _____________.