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"Rose Anne St. Romain's first book is a winner."
Jimmy Buffett

* 2004 Children's Choices -- International Reading Association and the Children's Book Council
* 2004 Notable Social Studies Books for Young People
* 2004 Storytelling World Honor Award

In South Louisiana, when a flood rages through the bayous forcing evacuation, a Native American woman and her children are saved by a mystical gift from the moon.

This Louisiana folktale from the Houma-Choctaw people resonates with recent events caused by the 2005 hurricanes, Katrina and Rita. It was selected as one of twelve books for Louisiana Purchases, a hurricane relief fund-raising campaign initiated by the New Orleans Gulf South Booksellers Association and Light of New Orleans Publishing.

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As legend has it, Monsieur Durand was one of the wealthiest men in St. Martinville, Louisiana, in the 1800s. He always wanted to have the best, and all who knew him expected his parties to be very elegant. When two of his daughters decided to wed on the same day, Durand's imagination went to work designing a grosse affaire-a grand event. His excitement was contagious, but no matter how much his wife asked, he would not reveal his plans to her. He hired the most talented musicians and the finest chefs, but that was only the beginning. When the guests finally arrived, they could only exclaim, "Monsieur Durand! C'est spectaculaire. Comment vous avez fait ça?" (This is spectacular. How did you do this?), at the fairytale scene before them. A tale that gets richer and more embellished with each telling, Durand's extravagant wedding party is based on a true story that has been passed down in Acadiana since 1870.


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"Everything about this is charming and magical -- her voice, the characters, the pacing, the humor... very fine storytelling. Bravo!"
Jay O'Callahan, storyteller

* 2002 Parents' Guide to Children's Media Award

Come to the party in the mind of storyteller Rose Anne St. Romain! Meet the singing frogs, a stubborn pig, and "the biggest, baddest, meanest, hairiest, scariest, bad-breathest big bad wolf in every story in the world!"

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