Louisiana Lagniappe

Stories from Louisiana's French, African American, Cajun, and Native American cultures reveal Louisiana's uniqueness.

(gr. K -adult)

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Once Upon a Shoe

Worldwide folktales for the young at heart filled with audience participation and good old-fashioned values.
(gr. preK-adult)

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Grave Sights

Unearthly specters rise from their tombs (and their tomes)
in horror and "true" ghost stories that may give you nightmares.
(gr. 4-adult)

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Pumpkin Heads and Tales

Slightly spooky but mostly silly stories and songs to thrill little ones (but won't give them nightmares!)

(gr. preK-3)

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A Stocking Full of Stories

Worldwide Christmas legends, songs, and dancing
filled with holiday spirit and fascinating traditions.

(gr. K- adult)

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Jungle Story Jive

Join this jaunt through the jungle with wild
animals, wacky wonders and buried treasure.

(gr. preK- adult)

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